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Psychotherapeutic counselling a highly effective short or long term therapy suitable for a wide range of issues. It can help with crisis management, supporting you through life changes and transition. It can also help with long term and deep seated issues which may be preventing you from realising your true potential in the present.

Both counselling and psychotherapy aim at relieving emotional distress and can help you with issues such as stress, work related difficulties, anxiety, depression, bereavement, relationship challenges, adapting to new life stages, trauma, childhood issues, identity issues and more. The aim is to help you feel better and/or allow you to live your life more fully.

The therapeutic relationship is central to the work so we build an alliance together which allows you the comfort and safety of being able to experience and share thoughts and emotions which may be hard to share elsewhere.


‘She just says something that just completely stops me in my tracks and makes me think, ‘wow, of course!’ Calling her was the best thing I did.

Moving on from feeling stuck for years.

H (48)

‘She made it ok to really express how I was feeling, the helped me start my new life’

Overcoming complex grief.

E (67)

“I worried that people would reject me, that she’d think I was crazy… I couldn’t have felt safer and more accepted – it’s changed the way I view myself”

Overcoming gender dysphoria.

M (23)

‘I’ve recommended her to my friends! I came with anxiety but have been able to reframe that, I am not frightened anymore.’

Overcoming OCD and anxiety

C (26)

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