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I provide seminars and workshops on mental wellbeing, increasing resilience and improving communication to corporate, healthcare and educational clients. 

Mental wellbeing is the buzzword in working environments today.  Being aware of its importance and how to improve it for your people could save your organisation £££s a year.   Employment Law incorporates a legal requirement for your organisation to be aware of and make all reasonable adjustments to maintain and improve employee mental wellbeing.

In addition, absenteeism and erroneous presenteeism impact staff retention, productivity and engagement.  It makes sense to invest in the future and take a preventative stance today.  Call and book now.


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If you would like to arrange a booking for any of my services please contact me:

Call: 07854743890


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If you have any questions about any of the services that I provide or if you would like more information about the offered therapies please get in touch.

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