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There are many reasons why couples therapy may help you and your partner. Relationships go through natural stages and sometimes we may not feel we are navigating these stages successfully. Couples therapy can explore these stages and develop a greater awareness and appreciation of the natural changes in rhythm between us.

According to Psychology Today, we may also benefit from couples therapy if the following is present:

  1. Trust has been broken.
  2. Arguments are becoming more frequent.
  3. Communication is poor.
  4. Something feels wrong.
  5. You want to tell your partner something but don’t know how.
  6. One or both of you becomes dysfunctional during a conflict.
  7. You have gone through something devastating that is changing the way you connect with each other.
  8. You feel stuck in bad patterns.
  9. Emotional intimacy is gone or deeply diminished.
  10. Physical intimacy is a problem.

For further information about couples therapy refer to the article by Andrea Bonior Ph.D. in Psychology Today from September 2017

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