Soaring Eagle Wellbeing Complaints Policy


We hope that all who engage with Soaring Eagle Wellbeing receive the service they require. However, we also understand that should you be dissatisfied with the service you may wish to raise your concerns. In the first instance we would invite you to make an informal complaint to your therapist. However, if you feel that your complaint is not resolved you can then make a formal complaint. We have detailed our Complaints Policy below for your information

Who can Complain?

A person who has used the services of Soaring Eagle Wellbeing has the right to complain about their own experience. A complaint can also be made by a third party on behalf of the service user, who is known as a representative, if the service user:

  • Has asked the representative to act for them.
  • Is a child
  • Is unable to make the complaint themselves because of a physical incapacity or lack of capacity.
  • Has died.

The complaint can be about any aspect of our service with which they are dissatisfied and can be directed against any member of staff .

What is the Time Limit for Complaining?

Normally any complaint needs to be made within 12 months of the matters that are the subject of the complaint. This time limit does not apply if it can be shown that there were good reasons for not making the complaint earlier and it is still possible to investigate the complaint properly

How Does the Complaints System Work?

Under the complaints procedure, we will make arrangements for dealing with complaints to ensure that:

  • Complaints are dealt with efficiently
  • Complaints are properly investigated
  • Complainants are treated with respect and courtesy
  • Complainants receive, as far as possible, assistance to help them understand the procedure and advice on where to get such assistance
  • Complainants receive a timely and appropriate response
  • Complainants are told the outcome of the investigation of their complaint and
  • Action is taken if necessary.

In compliance with The Equality Act 2010 Soaring Eagle Wellbeing will make any reasonable adjustments to the complaints process to assist a person to access the complaints procedure. For example, we could provide the complaints information in larger font or identify an advocate to support a person. We can also make the complaints procedure available in different languages or formats, if possible.

How do You Make a Complaint?

A complaint can be made verbally, in writing or electronically. Where the complaint is made verbally, Soaring Eagle Wellbeing will make a written record of the complaint and provide a copy to the person complaining.

A copy of Soaring Eagle Wellbeing complaints form can be requested in person or by email.

If an anonymous complaint is made, Soaring Eagle Wellbeing will only be able to act on it once the following have been investigated:

  • The seriousness of the matter
  • The extent to which allegations are specific (e.g. it is clear what is being alleged, dates, times, consequences of wrongdoing, names of witnesses)
  • The extent to which allegations are based on reliable information, not simply hearsay
  • Reasons to believe that there is justification for the matter being reported anonymously and not through channels that allow for easier scrutiny
  • Whether the language used is abusive or otherwise suggests a poison pen letter

Also, if Soaring Eagle Wellbeing have no way of contacting the individual making the complaint, all of the necessary information for a decision to take further action must be clearly visible

What Happens after the Complaint is Received?

On receipt of a formal complaint the Soaring Eagle Wellbeing will acknowledge receipt of the complaint within 7 working days. Soaring Eagle Wellbeing will offer to explain to the person complaining how the complaint will be handled. If the person complaining does not want to discuss this Soaring Eagle Wellbeing will still need to investigate the complaint.

Soaring Eagle Wellbeing will then appoint an impartial investigator who will investigate the complaint in a confidential manner and who will be independent of both the complainant and Soaring Eagle Wellbeing. The investigator will communicate with all parties involved and hear their evidence and the investigator will arrange this so that all parties do not attend meetings at the same time. Both the person complaining and Soaring Eagle Wellbeing can be accompanied or represented by a supportive person of their choice when they meet with the investigator.

If at any time during these proceedings it emerges that legal action is underway or pending regarding the complaint, Soaring Eagle Wellbeing can stop the complaints process and wait until the legal process is complete.

The complaint will then be investigated as quickly as possible. The person complaining will receive a written response within 28 days which will explain how the complaint has been considered and how the conclusion has been reached. The response will also confirm what action is to be taken or what action has already been taken as a result of the complaint. This may include such sanctions as:

  • Changes to procedures or management structures
  • Additional supervision or mentoring support
  • Any other action that is considered relevant in response to the complaint.

If Soaring Eagle Wellbeing fails to send the complainant the response within 28 days of the date the complaint was made, Soaring Eagle Wellbeing must explain why and send a response as soon as reasonably practicable thereafter.

As Soaring Eagle Wellbeing is member of BACP, Soaring Eagle Wellbeing is required to send a ‘Report to BACP at the Conclusion of Complaints Proceedings’ to BACP at the end of any Soaring Eagle Wellbeing complaints procedure.

If the person complaining wants to appeal the written response to their complaint, they can do this within 28 days of receiving the written response. The person complaining can then send either in written form or electronic format the basis of their appeal to Soaring Eagle Wellbeing. Soaring Eagle Wellbeing will acknowledge the appeal within 7 days. Soaring Eagle Wellbeing would then appoint a second independent investigator to review the complaint and a final response would be communicated in writing to the person complaining within 28 days.

If the person complaining is still not satisfied with the response Soaring Eagle Wellbeing will advise them of their right to take the complaint to the Counselling Professional Regulating Bodies of which Soaring Eagle Wellbeing is a member: BACP (British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists)

Second stage Referral to Counselling Professional Body

This will be BACP (British Assoc. Of Counselling & Psychotherapy) Refer to the complaints procedure on the appropriate websites

Referral to the Ombudsman

If your complaint is not resolved through local resolution you can refer the matter to the Public Services Ombudsman (PSO) or seek a judicial review.

Generally you have to send your complaint to the Ombudsman within a year from when what you are complaining about happened from when you found out about it. If there are special circumstances, the Ombudsman may be able to extend the time limit. For more information about using the Ombudsman, see How to use an ombudsman in England.

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